We have dedicated and fully-integrated production and project management teams who have in-depth experience working together to manage multiple-location / country rollouts

From the initial request for quote (RFQ), to final assembly, packaging and shipment, our process heavily emphasizes quality control and defect detection early on. It also emphasizes timely communication to our customers at every stage along the way.

Request for Quote (RFQ)

We guarantee quote turnaround within 48 hours of the submission of your request. While we prefer vector artwork to quote your project, we don’t need it. We can quote based on basic information including sketches and visual renderings such as photographs. Just give us an idea of material and manufacturing methods you’re thinking of, together with basic dimensional and illumination requirements. If you’re not sure what you want to build, we can recommend many of these details for you if you provide us with your signage business objectives and goals.

Art Approval

Once we receive your purchase order together with your down payment, we will prepare technical shop drawings that call out every spec for your sign. Once we receive your formal stamp of approval, your order will immediately enter into our production process.

Installation Process

Upon request, we’re happy to send you detailed digital mounting pattern and wiring schematics so you can get ahead of the curve with any pre-drilling and electrical wiring. Once your ApolloLuxe products arrive to your desired ship-to destination, they will include physical mounting templates, mounting hardware including standoffs if necessary, and Meanwell UL recognized power transformers.

Production Process and Quality Control

What makes our production process unique is our redundant quality control inspection points every step of the way throughout the production process. We strive to maintain perfect quality, but in the event there is a quality defect – when and if that defect occurs – our goal is to identify and correct for it early on in the production process to minimize any impact on your project timeline.

Packaging and Damage Prevention

We have global experience shipping to countries in all hemispheres, and we’ve learned over time that our packaging design and processes need to be able to withstand the rigors of international air cargo shipment ensuring they will arrive at your door in perfect condition.

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