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This is a story of two great friends Kenan and Emre, Turkish Americans with deep family ties, merging companies and great people to offer a new wholesale manufacturing and fulfillment choice for custom wholesale LED-illuminated signage, branded display systems, fixtures, and furnishings for branded environments on behalf of our design and installation partners in the USA and Canada.


Our North American brand is ApolloLuxe. “Apollo” is a reference to the ancient Greek God of light, and “Luxe” a reference to our amazing partners — designers and implementation partners — who design and build up inspiring environments that warm the human heart and soul. Their common aspirations are to improve the human condition through the elevation of environments that inspire and fulfill as humans every day. With manufacturing locations in Istanbul, Turkey, Philadelphia, PA, and a sales and support office in Minneapolis, MN, we are always behind our partners’ backs to help fulfill their design aspirations.

Emre Akcin

Emre, a serial entrepreneur who has started successful businesses in the USA and Turkey, has close to two decades of design, engineering, and project management experience, fulfilling branded environment engineering and fulfillment needs of major global brands, including Diageo, Lacoste, Huawei, Samsung, Nike, and Marlboro, just to name a few. He lives in North Jersey together with his lovely wife and twin children. His passions include collecting vintage cars (his dream car is a 328 Ferrari), soccer (he is a die-hard Fenerbahce fan). Emre has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Marmara University, and an MS from the University of California, Irvine. He his certified in project management.

Kenan Hanhan

The marketing side of manufacturing has always been a passion of Kenan’s from industrial adhesives, to low voltage electrical panels, and now LED-illuminated signage and custom display systems for branded environments. Kenan has had the honor to be exposed to all of these industries, leading business development, sales and marketing efforts for Global 1000 companies in diverse geographies including the USA, Germany, Turkey, and the Gulf Region of the Middle East. When not leading Sales and Marketing at ApolloLuxe, Kenan enjoys listening to Bach’s cello suites performed by Janos Starker. Kenan also loves to spend time with his wife and four teenage boys outside and on any lake in Northern Minnesota. Kenan has a BA in International Relations from Stanford University, and an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.

Friends with a Mission

Emre and Kenan had the opportunity to connect through mutual deep friends around the world, and discovered they have a lot of things in common. That our partners, families and our workers always come first. Because chances are if you treat your partners and you people right, we will do better together. We do not believe in “corporate” culture, our mission is quite the opposite of that. We are first-generation owners, not beholden to public shareholders nor private equity interests (nor dis-interested family members only interested in their short-term return at the expense of family, community, employees, and partners.

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